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Slalom / Racing 3 Cams

Introduced last year the Firewing already has a number of top results in its trophy cabinet. The 3 cam freerace sail combines top slalom sail performance together with unrivalled ease of use and rigging. The New Firewing will take you faster than ever before.

A huge amount of work and development has gone into the new Firewing and the results have been breathtaking. Starting with a reworking of the sizes we introduce the new 5.7, 6.2, 7.0, 7.8, 8.6 and 9.4. Bottom end has never been an issue for the Firewing, but through refinement in the battens and foil shape we have been able to drastically improve the top end, giving the sail an almost unlimited top speed. These sails will destroy any GPS record. We also worked tirelessly to reduce the weight, scraping off up to 500g’s at no cost to the durability. At the same time the fundamental goals of keeping the sail easy to use means the Firewing rigs effortlessly and thanks to refinements in the luff pocket, the rotation is smoother than ever in the gybes.

Item N°/Article 5.7: 15FW5.7
Item N°/Article 6.2: 15FW6.2
Item N°/Article 7.0: 15FW7.0
Item N°/Article 7.8: 15FW7.8
Item N°/Article 8.6: 15FW8.6
Item N°/Article 9.4: 15FW9.4



• 7.0-9.4 designed around the New Firewing mast – After thorough testing we developed the sail around the all new Firewing SDM mast. Lightweight and incredible performance make the sail perform at its absolute optimum.
• 5.6-6.2 designed for RDM mast – The small sizes have been built around a standard RDM wave mast, giving the sails a softer feel and offering more durability when the conditions get extreme.
• 8 battens – The 7.8, 8.6 and 9.4 feature 8 battens to further stabilize the foil.
• 7 battens – The 5.7, 6.2 and 7.0 feature 7 battens to lighten the sail and improve handling in higher winds.

Custom X-PLY – New!
Head curve – New!
Finger clew – New!
Improved tack fairing
Cross panel construction