Roberto Ricci Designs


Freewave / Wave onshore

Introduced last year, the Move transformed the lives of the freestyle wave and free move rider. The Mk2 takes this to another level. With a sail line that morphs from a 6 batten racey blaster, to a 5 batten throw-about ripper, this is a line that will satisfy every riders desire to have fun on the water.

For the Move we stepped back and analyzed exactly what a rider wants in each size of sail. This changes massively from 8.0 down to 4.2, so the Move is designed to fits the needs of every free-style wave and free move rider. The 6.7, 7.2 and NEW 8.0 all feature 6 battens and a more blasty orientated ride. The 6.2 and 5.7 offer fun maneuver based performance, whilst the 5.2, 4.7 and 4.2 become bump and jump and even wave orientated. Whether its jumping, gybing or blasting, for someone that wants to have maximum fun no matter what the wind, the Move does it all with Style.



• 6.7-7.2-8.0 – The addition of the cross batten to make a 6 batten blaster, along with tube rod battens, has massively increased the stability and speed of the larger sizes. They still remain fun to throw around, but lock them down and they fly.

• 5.7-6.2 – Optimized for the larger freestyle wave or freemove boards. With 5 battens and plenty of get up and go, these are more throw about than the larger sizes, but still stable and good blasters.

• 5.2-4.2 – Bump and jump machines that can also be thrown around in the waves too. The focus is on control and handling and the use of X-ply construction in the head increases strength and makes them fully wave proof.

Improved tac k fairing
Cross panel construction
Performance based construction