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Waist Harness

Special reduced thickness waist harness

Finally a new complete collection of Harnesses designed specifically for each different program of use. We have taken a step back and reanalized the whole harness program available today in the market. We have come to a conclusion that we needed to design and develop a new harness collection that would be shaped around the most diverse body shapes and use purposes. For this we have taken a specific approach to analize both the anatomy of each target group and the relative best materials and technology process available today to build the new collection. We have then choosen both a new design and manufacturing team to work closely together in order to achieve the best possible result.



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The SKIN harness is the thinnest and softest harness of our collection. It has also the smallest outline, specifically made for maximum freedom of movement still keeping a great back support. It comes complete of a new flying lines cutter for safety.

Moulded exterior shell with thermoformed fabric. Interior moulded EVA ergonomic waist with double sleeve of elastic and neoprene lock band on the side.