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To describe the Vision MKIII as an “all terrain “ kite is simply reductive. It outperforms most of the concurrent kites in the market in every discipline. It is simple, with a light weight structure composed of only 3 struts and a very short arch leading edge. This year the new MKIII Vision has been improved in the following features:

– New body profile shape moved forward in order to increase the de-power range when use with hi winds, and also improve the upwind performance.

– New strut design made with multiple vertical and horizontal panels in order to lock the shape of the body in the front section, and create a better, stiffer support for in the front section of the kite.

A new bridle, with different attachment points that reduces the bar pressure compared to the MKII and increases the profile stability, especially in gusty or extreme winds.

The all new construction details like the new silicon rubber reinforcements on the inflating valves and the bridle attachments, and the new single Inflating /deflating valve on the leading edge are completing the unbeatable package of this unique kite.

Vision + action = making a positive difference.

Sizes: 5 • 7 • 9 • 10.5 • 12 • 13.5 • 15

Item N°/Article Code
Size 5: RD13VS5K
Size 7: RD13VS7K
Size 9: RD13VS9K
Size 10.5: RD13VS105K
Size 12: RD13VS12K
Size 13.5: RD13VS135K
Size 15: RD13VS15K