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Pure Wave Side Shore

When Andrea Rosati joined the RRD sails team he demanded something pretty special. His background and incredible feel for a sail meant we went back to the drawing board to come up with the completely new Vogue. A new luff curve, new shape distribution, new materials, a new outline have all helped make the Vogue the most controllable and radical wave sail RRD has ever produced. The Vogue is all about control. Now whilst riding you can completely forget about the sail and focus 100% on the wave, literally surfing with a sail. The Vogue provides the power you need to move around the break with an incredibly light in the hands feel.

Available in 2 constructions. The standard Vogue comes in full heavy duty X-ply construction whilst the Vogue Pro offers a monofilm window for improved visibility. Whichever Vogue you choose, it will offer the ultimate in control and durability, letting you focus 100% on ripping.


Vogue Pro MKV. Avalilable only in black color



• NEW Luff curve – A complete redesign of the backbone of the sail has kept all the get up and go of the previous sail, but with new levels of control at the top end.

• NEW Profile distribution – By blending the profile throughout the whole sail we were able to offer a smooth and controllable power delivery. The power is there, but remains incredibly light in the hands at all times and depowers effortlessly on the wave.

• NEW 4/5 batten construction – Taking everything we know from the Four, we introduced 4 battens to the 4.0, 3.7 and 3.4, making these smaller, hi wind sails more forgiving. From the 4.2-5.6 we kept 5 battens to maintain control and stability in the larger sail sizes.

• NEW Vogue PRO – A new version of the Vogue with a monofilm window to improve visibility. The Standard version keeps its durable, full X-ply construction.

Improved tac k fairing
Cross panel construction
Performance based construction
Target window