5 October 2012

10 Knots V3 Ltd: radically RRD!


The new twintip light wind machine representing the spirit of freeriding. “As soon as the breeze comes up I want to be the first on out there!” The very flat scooprocker line of the board and the new tips design allow incredible ease of kiting and grip going upwind in the lightest breezes. The 10 Knots LTD V3 is a planet of its own. Built with a new exclusive lightest technology only possible in Formula One car racing. Completely built and assembled in Italy.

PROGRAM Lightwind HP

TECHNOLOGY CORE: CNC PVC Core + reduced weight Polycarbonate sidewalls.

LAMINATION: Laminated with pre-preg DYNANOTEX CARBON hi modulus carbon fibre on deck and full carbon bottom at 4 bars autoclave pressure, heated at 185°, cured on composite/aluminium mould. PET finishing topsheet on deck and bottom.

Size: 46×146 com

Fin: 4 x FLOW 5 G-10

Straps: Screwit System V2 + Assy Strap V2


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