7 December 2012

Abel Lago: Maui update

Yesterday was the first day of competition here in Maui and the conditions were not the best. Really poor conditions and some heats like mine with very light and gusty winds.
I love to kite in Hookipa, it’s always a great experience and I try to enjoy all my minutes on the water, but when it’s too light… it’s too light.
My Religion MKIII 11’5m went on the rocks yesterday because it was not windy enough to come back to the beach after my heat, but don’t worry, lines and kite are perfect, thanks to Airton and Matchu that did a crazy rescue on Hookipa Rocks.

The forecast for today is better, there are some fun waves and stronger wind. Looking forward to go to the water and enjoy my new Maquina K-Pro 5’10, this board is working amazing on a power and fast wave like Hookipa.

Check live stream to see Luke, Ines and myself enjoing Hawaii for you ;)


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