14 April 2014

Bruno goes to FireWing

RRD Team rider Bruno Martini goes 100% RRD and will face incoming 2014 racing season riding RRD X-Fire LTD V6 and RRD FireWing MKII…

31 March 2014

Florian Jung: ” Again and Again”

RRD team rider FLorian Jung just released a short video clip called ” Again and Again” …

27 March 2014

Italian Surf team ready for the action

Here we are with some good surfing action during a big swell rolling on Italian west coast beginning of March…

26 March 2014

2014 Kite Babes

From 12 to 15 June 2014 Hang Loose Beach in Gizzeria will host the second International Kite Camp dedicated to women featuring international coach Jalou Langeree, Kari Schibevaag and Alice Brunacci…

20 March 2014


Argentario SUP Sprint CUP is a 3 events SUP sprint race held in beautiful Argentario peninsula. Don’t miss it…

17 March 2014

Tomek Janiak: Cape Town report

RRD Team rider Tomek Janiak have been in South Africa beginning of 2014 to refine the development of racing kites and enjoy some RRD family life…

21 February 2014

Luke McGillewie: Mixing it up

RRD shining star Luke McGillewie gives us another fresh breath of pure South Africa lifestyle and action…

13 February 2014

Kari Schibevaag joins RRD International Kiteboarding team!

RRD are proud to introduce 7 times World Champion and 9 times World Snow Kite Master Kari Schibevaag joining the RRD International Kiteboarding team

10 February 2014

Danny Morrice featured on Kiteworldmag.com

RRD team rider Danny Morrice got a good session at the Cape and good little feature on Kiteworldmag.com

6 February 2014

Arrianne Aukes: New video

RRD Team rider Arrianne Aukes drops her last video edit about her winter training in Brzil…