6 November 2012

Dan Sweeney British Freestyle Champion

I’ve just returned home from the final round of the BKSA Freestyle tour in Westward Ho! Devon.

It’s been a long season with not the best wind nor conditions but at the events of wind we have had made up for the no wind events as we completed double rounds. In terms of competition level it’s been tough especially in the challenging conditions but I’m pretty happy with my overall performance and level. Its been a strange year having kiting the least I have ever in our on season but having ridden the best I have since kiting competitively.

I’ve got my results I’m stoked to announce I’m now the BKSA Professional Men Freestyle Champion. Winning 5 out of 5 rounds and not loosing 1 heat this year.

A massive thank you to my sponsors for supporting me in completing the tour and also to my friends, family, amazing fiancé Keeley for actually sending me out training when I’ve not wanted too! Wouter & J at RRD – Ant, Nik from ION and everyone else.

What next? Who knows…

But I’m exited to start my new job at RRD UK as Kiteboarding Brand Manager

Thanks again.




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