10 December 2012

Ines Correia 2012 KSP Vice World Champion

I’ve got news … I’m the KSP Women Vice World Champion for 2012! :)

I am very hapy about it…….
even if the championship here at Hookipa was not as expected for me. Riding with my RRD Religion MKIII I achieved the 5th place and I’m not happy with this cause I was expecting more and I loosed against Jalou by 0.60 one other time…

Now I’ll stay a few more days here in hawai to train hard  for next year .
I want to thanks all my sponsors and RRD for thir support suring this long wave season.
KSP Women’s Overall World Championship Results:

1. Jalou Langeree (NED)
2. Ines Correia (POR, RRD)
3. Ninja Bichler (GER)


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