14 June 2013

RRD FireWave Ltd-Wood


RRD FireWave Ltd – Wood

When you think you have tried all the possible wave boards shapes, you will wake up one day and be able to try one of our new boards in the RRD collection: the FireWave. It’s really fast, quick to plane, and accelerates like a freeride board, yet it turns smoothly and precisely on the face of any waves.

PROGRAM: Fast Wave board

FEATURES: It’s a new, magic shape that combines a long flat section of rocker line with a new wave outline which we developed for the highly successful 5th generation of Wave Cult boards. The other important shape feature is the volume placement of the board.

It’s main difference from our classic Wave Cults is the concentration of the maximum thickness in the footstraps and tail area. This allows us to not only create a quick planing surface that combined with a reduced tail outline area, compared to a freestyle wave board, increases tremendously the Firewaves turning capacity and control at hi speed.



All the FireWave boards are equipped with a 3 fin setup designed exclusively by Maui Fin Company for RRD.
The new fins are very upright, similar in outline and shape to our Quad fins on the V5 wave cults, and they create a great drive in the turns on the wave, but also a quick planing capacity and fantastic control at hi speed.

All in all the FireWave boards open up a whole new way of riding a wave board. Firstly, you can increase the amount of times you can use a wave board when the conditions are marginal, then you will also have a faster, better planing board when trying to get back out through the surf, and you will also be able to carry more speed through both your back and frontside turns.

The volumes available are 102, 92, and 82 liters, (with the widths a cm wider than the equivalent Wave Cult), and you can choose between a solid full WOOD construction or a super lightweight Ltd version made with Innegra Carbon fibers and PVC sandwich foams.


  1. Dodo says:

    Wonder why there is no board smaller than 82L. The dimensions seem rather big, 60×233: is this a mid-wind oriented board? How would it work for a 70 Kg sailor in 4.0-4.3 conditions?


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