1 March 2013

RRD sail Move 6.2 test-winner in SURF Mag 3-2013


RRD Move 6.2

Before the Ride: The sail is well reinforced and equipped with all state of the art features.

The Ride: The Move is easily getting into planning, which is not a miracle, considered that it is the largest sail in the test, but what is really remarkable about the Move, also in high wind conditions it does not fall back behind the smaller sails and it seems there is no limit to this sail according to high winds. Slightly subdued but never indirect, the sail rewards the rider with a lot of riding comfort and is very smooth in handling. The pressure point stays between the hands at all times, we think one can’t ride faster with more ease. Because the sail is really sturdy made, it doesn’t seem as delicate as the other sails.

SURF Magazine recommends: This Sail is the perfect fit for Surfers who like comfort, a wide wind range and supreme jibing abilites in a sail.

SURF tested the following Sails: Gaastra Cross 6.0, Gun Sails Torro 6.0, KA Sails Kult 5.8, Naish Sails Moto 6.0, Neilpryde Fusion 6.1, North Sails Volt 5.9, RRD Move 6.2, Sailloft Hamburg Quad+ 5.9, Severne Gator 6.0, Vandal Sails Addict 6.0

The RRD Move 6.2 has the highest overall score in this Test!





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