6 July 2012

Skyeboy: Pozo report

The PWA Pozo comp. its looking great this year with a marquee on the beach and lots going on both on and off the water. My first heat was against my good chum Jamie Hancock, who unfortunately managed to knock his fin half out in the heat, which probably made his life more difficult. I had a pretty good heat though, so quite happy.

I had the second single elimination heat against Ricardo Campello, which was a whole different story. 
I had a pretty solid heat and almost equalled him on jumps, but unfortunately despite getting some OK waves, he managed a nice frontside 360, which made the difference. Then today in the double I went against Allesio Stillrich. It was howling! really really windy. For the first time in years I have a 3.4, so I went with that, but I think it was a mistake. I spent a lot of the heat a bit underpowered, crazy considering it was 50 kts! I could do enough, but missed a bit of power to get really high in the jumps and also to really ride probably. In the end I lost 2:1 on the judges, so pretty gutted. It means I finish 17th. Very hard conditions to sail consistent in. Fortunately not long to wait for the next event in Tenerife where hopefully I can improve a bit.