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5 October 2015

New Move sail collection

RRD introduces the new move collection. Our premimum line of move orientated sails to cover every need for those who want to push their limits…

24 September 2015

New Paddles collection out now!

The 2016 RRD SUP paddle range delivers a great product for a complete field of users…

21 September 2015

Jacopo Testa wins Oristano Wave Classic

RRD Team rider Jacopo Testa wins the Oristano Wave Classic, the first event of 2015 Italian Wave Championship…

12 September 2015

The new POP Ltd light years ahead out now!

Built with a lightweight technology that allows flex and control and scooprockerline accuracy…

9 September 2015

Paolo Marconi conclude con un secondo posto alla Lignano Sup Race

Il weekend passato si è svolta la Sup Race Lignano. Nonsotante le previsioni avverse,il maltempo

19 August 2015

Windsup out now!

A dedicated shape for those SUPpers interested in riding the same board with a sail on or those windsurfers willing to…

14 August 2015

RRD Fifty Fifty out soon. Split, pack and go!

A board for those who want to travel light and compact. Available into 2 x different sizes…


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