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  • RRD Obsession MK3 2016
  • RRD Freestyle Wave V4 2016
  • RRD Passion Mk8 2016
  • RRD Juice V3 2016
  • RRD C.O.T.A.N. SUP 2016
  • RRD Morpho SUP 2016


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23 July 2016

Kiteworld Magazine test review of the C.O.T.A.N. and Poison V3

KITE WORLD: The C.O.T.A.N (Cut Off Tail And Nose) has the outstanding high-tech ‘surfboard’ feel of all RRD surfboards. They’re pretty special..’
Read the whole reviews here!

20 July 2016

Neto and Corniel in the Cabarete WKL finals

Great performances by Adeuri Corniel (4th) and Alex Neto (6th) for making it into the finals of the World Kiteboarding League, with Corniel sticking the highest scoring trick of all competitors while being the youngest (16) at the same time!

14 July 2016

Video: RRD Global Wetsuits Collection

From a pro wetsuit for your sessions to a shorty for your kid’s warm water discoveries, the RRD GLOBAL WETSUIT COLLECTION is designed and built to secure an innovative style with an unbeatable performance, comfort and durability level.

8 July 2016

Adam Super joins the international team

Adam (USA) was already in the national team; riding our kites since some years, but recently he is also on RRD boards, wetsuits and harness. Next to that he became the official agent for the USA..

30 June 2016

Video: Caterina Stenta – Sunset Beach training

Caterina Stenta gives us an inside look at her training in Sunset Beach in preparation for the 2016 PWA season

29 June 2016

Video: RRD Y22 Distributor meeting

Hereby the short version video with a summary of what went down during this great week in Toscane, Italy.
Maybe you are lucky and see some sneak previews of the upcoming collection..

27 June 2016

Video: Flo Jung in Morocco

RRD windsurf team rider Florian Jung releases his latest clip from Morocco


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