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  • RRD Emotion MK2 2016
  • RRD Hardcore Wave Ltd V6 2016
  • RRD Religion MK7 2016
  • RRD Razzle Dazzle 14 V1 2016
  • RRD SUP Pro 2016
  • RRD Airwindsurf 2016
  • RRD Vision MK5 2016
  • RRD TwinTip kiteboards 2016
  • RRD Airwindsurf 2016
  • RRD Airwindsutf sail 2016
  • RRD Morpho SUP 2016
  • RRD C.O.T.A.N. 2016
  • RRD Obsession MK3 2016
  • RRD Freestyle Wave V4 2016
  • RRD Passion Mk8 2016
  • RRD C.O.T.A.N. SUP 2016
  • RRD Morpho SUP 2016


Top Videos


26 August 2016

Forest jumping over cars in the desert

Forest Bakker showing off during the 500km Dakhla Downwind!

23 August 2016

RRD kite collection Y22

RRD is proud to release their whole new range of kites. Check the overall video of the new RRD Year 22 kite collection here.

15 August 2016

Vid Jerrie: ‘A kiteboarders’ mind’

A project he worked on for a while. A story about extreme lifestyle, flying high and being down-to-earth after all.

5 August 2016

RRD Kiteboard Twintip Collection Y22

Check the overall video of the new RRD Year 22 kiteboard Twintip collection…

1 August 2016

Antoine Albeau takes 1st place in Fuerteventura

Antoine Albeau claims his first victory of the season!

29 July 2016

RRD Surfin’ Venice 2016; The official video

The 2016 edition of RRD Surfin’Venice was again an incredible SUP journey…

23 July 2016

Kiteworld Magazine test review of the C.O.T.A.N. and Poison V3

KITE WORLD: The C.O.T.A.N (Cut Off Tail And Nose) has the outstanding high-tech ‘surfboard’ feel of all RRD surfboards. They’re pretty special..’
Read the whole reviews here!


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