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  • RRD WINDSUP 2015
  • RRD BS 45 V4 2015
  • RRD BS 45 V4 2015
  • RRD Antoine Albeau Fuerte 2015
  • RRD Monotipi V1 SUP
  • RRD Wave Cult Ltd V6
  • RRD Wave Cult Ltd V6


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19 August 2015

Windsup out now!

A dedicated shape for those SUPpers interested in riding the same board with a sail on or those windsurfers willing to…

14 August 2015

RRD Fifty Fifty out soon. Split, pack and go!

A board for those who want to travel light and compact. Available into 2 x different sizes…

13 August 2015

Arnaud Dussen joins RRD International Sup Team

Wave ripper Arnaud Dussen joins RRD International Sup Team and is going to ride RRD SUP wave of the future…

4 August 2015

BS 45 V4 Pro / BS 45 V4 out now!

The BS 45 V4 offers a program of its own. It’s the perfect board to use when the conditions…

3 August 2015

Albeau dominates 2015 PWA Fuerte Slalom

Antoine Albeau dominates 2015 PWA Fuerteventura and extends his lead at the top of the overall rankings…

3 August 2015

Monotipo SUP out now!

The Monotipo is being developed as an allround board to be used every day and for week end SUP races in the category below 12’…

31 July 2015

RRD Obsession MK8: our iconic big air kite gets a freestyle/wave shot!

Our iconic big air kite has been completely re-designed this year. After long considerations on how to achieve an even lighter…


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