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24 February 2015

Kari Shibevaag: Attach’n’GO video

RRD team rider Kari Schibevaag shows some great features of RRD Kite Bag “Attach’n’GO”…

23 February 2015

Gabriele Garofalo South Africa power!

RRD Team rider Gabriele Garofalo just released his last video edit full packed with his powerful kiteboarding style!!

19 February 2015

New Granturismo SUP Collection

A stable and fast Granturismo cruising shape, fantastic to be ridden over flat water and through small chops. Thanks to…

19 February 2015

RRD International on Instagram

Check out and follow our new Instagram Account RRD_International

17 February 2015

Fabrice Beaux – Home Spot

RRD team rider Fabrice Beaux just released his last surf edit…

16 February 2015

Jerrie van de Kop 3rd at 2015 Red Bull King of the Air!

RRD team rider Jerrie van de Kop scored a huge 3rd place at 2015 King of the Air riding his RRD Obsession Pro and Juice V2…


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