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The smell of neoprene inside a carton box. This is what I still clearly remember of that day, must have been sometime in 1978, when I received by mail order, my first freediving wetsuit, tailor made by a company called “PESCA SUB” based in Genova, Italy. I was 14 years old. Since that day, my second skin has always been neoprene. I love that smell, and I love the idea of going in the water without feeling you have a second skin on.

Enjoy real warmth and flex!
Roberto Ricci

RRD Wetsuits Global Collection

Superior fit, flex, style and durability all year round.

The RRD WETSUITS GLOBAL COLLECTION results as a refined version of the previous years’ 2 seasons wetsuits ranges (summer and winter) and introduces a year round collection to be used in any type of weather, from summer to winter. We have started to make wetsuits with a precise idea in mind: use pure surfing wetsuits and adapt them with various specific features to be also usable by a growing windusrfing, kiteboarding and supping community. No other industry knows better how to build quality wetsuits than the surfing industry itself, so we have combined an expert surfing wetsuits manufacturer with a team of innovative forward thinking team of windsurfing and kiteboarding designers to create a unique collection, full of innovative and useful features that will improve your comfort also while riding your board with a sail, a kite or a paddle in your hand. Whether you are choosing a PRO wetsuits for your sessions, or a shorty for your kid’s warm water discoveries, the RRD WETSUITS GLOBAL COLLECTION is designed and built to secure and innovative style with an unbeatable performance, comfort and durability level.

Global Collection

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