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Take all

Convertible Surf/Kite

”Ace takes all” this is what ”asso pigliatutto” means in Italian. Innovative, with lots of good features coming from the past… yet true to the core for new progressive performance of today’s surfstyle. You can use this board as a real surfboard during your globetrotter time and still ride waves with a kite. An unbeatable shape that hits the sweet spot. 

Size (inch)

5’8”x 19 3/4”x 2 1/2”


Quad SET (2x) KSB S Side fins +(2x) KSB XS Side fins



Size (inch):


This is the board that I travel with. If I go on a trip and need to minimize the amount of equipment the AssoK is my board. I can use it for surfing, riding strapless , with straps in onshore and choppy waters and in case the wind is light I can use it as a freeride lightwind machine. No other boards in the line have such a range. Love it.


The vee bottom that allows for smooth rail to rail transitions.The wider nose area in the entry of the board definitely helps increase planing speed over flat sections.As well its narrow tail defines it from a fishy board and gives it more control. It comes standard with a bump round pin tail, which not only smoothes out your style but suits quick direction changes perfectly. This board is standard with 5 sets of future fin plugs which provides versatility and can be ridden as either a tri or quad-fin.


EXCLUSIVE custom made PU/Bamboo/Carbon/polyester resin. A single stringer PU blank is CNC shaped with accuracy and precision. Then a sandwich bamboo layer is vacuum laminated on stepping area with wood fibers going crossways to the stringer length in order to keep maximum flex on the backfoot and creting a solid heel resistant structure. Bottom and deck rear rails carbon stringers to prevent breakage on aerial manouvers, full E-Glass top and bottom PRO SURF lamination with top Polyester resins available. The best technology for kite surfboards to date, combining flex, shape accuracy to the millimiter, PRO SURF feeling on the water and easy to repair structure. Does not absorb any water!