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A barge on the beach, a ripper on waves

Aerial Pro Wave

The Chiatta 5’8”K comes straight from our surfboards collection shapes. It’s simply a magic board. Allows you to catch waves even when waves are not there. Not only that, it allows you to get aerials with some extraordinary easiness and speed. The shape of the board with its wide outline and oversize tail area helps you to throw some spray in the smallest mushiest surf around. For this the board has been named “Chiatta”, that in Italian means “Barge”. When the waves get bigger riding the Chiatta 5’8” K is still a pleasure until overhead high, and in these conditions the board proves again to be magic in terms of speed, and looseness in the harder bottom turns. Whether you ride strapless or with straps, the Chiatta 5’8” K, is a must in your quiver and a great board to be used in light winds and small surf. 

Size (inch)

5’8”x 19 1/2” x 2 1/2”


Thruster Set (3x) KSB M future System



Size (inch):



Oversize outline / tail width.
Concave bottom from mid to tail section.
Narrow nose to allow release during off the tops.
Squash tail oversize to improve aerials potential/easy wave catching /max speed 3 x future fin boxes PVC reinforced.


EXCLUSIVE custom made PU/Bamboo/Carbon/polyester resin.
A single stringer PU blank is CNC shaped with accuracy and precision. Then a sandwich bamboo layer is vacuum laminated on stepping area with wood fibers going crossways to the stringer length in order to keep maximum flex on the backfoot and creating a solid heel resistant structure. Bottom and deck rear rails carbon stringers to prevent breakage on aerial maneuvers, full E-Glass top and bottom. PRO SURF lamination with top Polyester resins available. The best technology for kite surfboards to date, combining flex, shape accuracy to the millimeter, PRO SURF feeling on the water and easy to repair structure. Does not absorb any water!