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Wide Body PRO Wave

The board line entirely developed by Antoine Albeau. With his weight over 100kg Antoine has always looked for a specific board to ride in the critical section of the wave: very maneuverable and sharp, but with a generous floatation. The iWAVE is just a little too narrow for his weight, and the Super Sup is not loose and sharp enough when bottom turning at high speed, so a new special shape was put in the RRD custom factory pipeline. It took over six months of design and testing before we could get these special shapes right.

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Quad Set “S+M” Smoke polyester set


8,5 +/-6% Kgs

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A wide outline for easy paddling, but with thin mid section rails for sharp bite, lots of rocker for quick turns, and a wide nose with a very thin rail profile to allow easy wave catching and create a good volume distribution balance.

A double winger tail to drastically and quickly reduce the rear area has finally created the perfect mix between just enough floatation to take a big guy out there and still crank some serious bottom turns and off-the-tops. These boards are a real must for any heavyweight standupaddler that rides PRO level. All the boards are equipped with Quad future fin boxes set-up with our RR Pro model fins in size L.
Thanks to a center US box the boards can also be used with a thruster set-up and a bigger center fin.

The all new EVA deck pad comes with a new diamond groove design finished with a unique super-thin straight line texture that increases the grip and maximizes comfort while standing up for long sessions. It is divided into four pieces with a 3cm high tail kick pad to secure your tail end foot pressure and never slide.


EPS/Custom made FULL CARBON Deck and Bottom with PVC deck. Matt Hi speed pro finish