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Power and comfort

WS waist high-end

Version 4 of the original equalizer takes powerfull riding to the next level. It does it’s work in gusty conditions, full power riding and fast accelerations. The fiberglass reinforcements inside are positioned to correspond with the sails center of lift and lead the pressure to where it’s most comfortable. The convex curved lower edge of the harness (‘Flexcurve’) is more flexible and designed to stay in contact with the rider during a wide variety of tricks. This makes the Equalizer-4 as versatile as a harness can get. Surely it’s finished with the most comfortable spreaderbar-protector, keypocket and soft neoprene edges.

Sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL

Item No/Article Code: 5810002



• Moulded EVA outer
• Preshaped internal plate reinforced with fiberglass battens.
• Keyloop and pocket
• EVA Grip inside
• Ultra tender Neoprene inside
• Quick release closure,
• Spreader protector with an 20mm foam rail,
• Grip print inside.
• Flex curve