Roberto Ricci Designs


Efficiency and performance


A new introduction in the RRD sail program. A very demanded sail from RRD ”aficionados” willing to get some more power and speed when riding on fast boards. A great, powerful and stable sail that will allow you to use its lift in a very efficient way. Progressively increasing speed and instant accelerations after the jibes and tacks. A really tough contender to the most advanced camber induced sails. 





The sail is designed to perform at its best in medium to big sizes, when power and lift are a dominant aspect in analizing sail proportions and shape. A 7 batten full body with a very sharp boom cutout and a middle stepped leech, the sail features a very pronounced twist from the middle to the top and a relatively full an twisty foot area for a powerful but comfortable lower area control. The sail delivers top speed in a few seconds and remains very stable under the most extreme overpowered situations. It feels light, manouverable at first touch. A real must for those speed addicts that want to sail strong and fast, but still have a lightweight rig in their hands.