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Soul rider

Sideshore Wave

The new Gitana shaped have been renewed after a long winter testing session in South Africa. Powerful, fast and thick waves are the bread and butter for these sticks. Redefined in all details from shape to technology to fin size, the new Gitanas with get the rhythm of your heart beating fast on those special days.

Size (inch)

5’11”x 17 1/2”x 2”


Thruster set (3x) KSB M ( 12 cms) future system




The Gitana is the killer board for side and offshore conditions with powerful waves. I love the new shape, a bit wider on the nose, delivering full control with big waves and incredible control with barrels.


The new outline is generally wider everywhere and especially in the nose area. Also the tail has been widened up a little and toady is more like a round pin. The rails are thinner on the nose while the middle thicknes has been beefed up a little to improve floatation and easier wave catching. Slight concave bottom with slight flat to V tail in correspondance of the tail kick. The rocker curve of this board is progressively increasing in the nose and tail area and leaves very little room for any flat spots. The right amount of main ingredient to allow you ride fast waves with heaps of control under your feet.


EXCLUSIVE custom made PU/Bamboo/Carbon/polyester resin. A single stringer PU blank is CNC shaped with accuracy and precision. Then a sandwich bamboo layer is vacuum laminated on stepping area with wood fibers going crossways to the stringer length in order to keep maximum flex on the backfoot and creting a solid heel resistant structure. Bottom and deck rear rails carbon stringers to prevent breakage on aerial manouvers, full E-Glass top and bottom PRO SURF lamination with top Polyester resins available. The best technology for kite surfboards to date, combining flex, shape accuracy to the millimiter, PRO SURF feeling on the water and easy to repair structure. Does not absorb any water!