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One bar for all RRD kites

Global Bar

The  GLOBAL V3 presents many great innovations to make kiteboarding safer, easier and more fun! The GLOBAL bar  V3 is composed of 5 pieces: 2 x  side dual density endcaps with soft ends for easy line rolling and a new quick trim for to adjust the bar length. 2 x narrower diameter carbon bar tubes to improve grip potential and reduce hand fatigue. 1 x middle alu cast and polished integrated piece for de-power rope movement. 



DE-POWER ELASTIC TRIM: in order to avoid the problem of having the excess of the de-power trim rope hanging around, and possibly going to distrub you while kiting, we have added an elastic bungee inside the spectra rope that allows you to reduce the excess rope and shorten it until 50% of the stretched lentgh. Same functionality, no rope on your way!
QUICK RELEASE INTEGRATED CHICKEN LOOP: A completely new design for this moulded chicken loop part. Ergonomically conceived, it is compact and complete of all features, clean and precise. Very easy to be released and re-mounted with one hand!


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