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Strapless Surf/Freestyle Thruster

A totally new shape that incorporates the features of one of our best selling surf shapes “Rubacuori”, with an increased nose rocker and thinner rails. The mix of a super wide outline and a reduced length make this egg (huevo) shape board a pure thrill when riding strapless on flat water for your freestyle/wave manouvers, but also a great fun board to learn how to ride small surf with lots of stability and quick turning potential.

- No Fins
- No Straps
Size: 5’5” x 19” x 2” Art. Cod.: 14HUKP55
Size: 5’7”x 19¼”x 2” Art. Cod.: 14HUKP57


22 lts

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Delivered with front pad included in separate pack.


Blank: CNC PU Core with lightweight stringer.
Layup: Silmar™ polyester resin for layup and Reichold™ resin for finishing E and S X-cel® glass bottom and deck layup.
Reinforcements: Horizontal fibers bamboo deck patch with Biaxial glass heel reinforcement patches.
Boxes: Future boxes with HD PVC reinforcement blocks.