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Pro Race

The K-Rapida Special is the latest development for Kite Racing.
Stable, easy and very fast in all conditions anywhere on the race course.
A new shape that will allow to concentrate purely on racing, keeping an eye on the others and not been obsessed with trim and improvement of the equipment you are riding. This is the status quo of Race boards design, a new reference in the race market.

Size (cms)



NO FIN Deliverd / 3x Tuttle Boxes



Size (cms):



The outline has been straightened, to improve upwind tracking effect, the scoop-rocker lowered, to plane earlier and never raise the nose when riding towards heavy chops, the rails have been thinned out in the mid-rear section to increase the comfort of riding, maxi- mizing control. The new wider, tail with wingers gives you maximum upwind angle while allowing a prompt release under extreme speed on the downwind leg. 


Exclusive Custom-made full PVC sandwich laminated with Biaxial Glass fibers on deck and bottom. Wood/Carbon deck standing area.