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First small steps

Kid School

The right cut is more crucial when objects are very small. The Kidjoy is the perfect sail to see kids start windsurfing. Every detail is in the right place. The proportional clew height depending on the size of the sail that corresponds to the age of the “new” sailor, matching the height of the booms, to the Dacron luff panel that flutters when tacking and allows minimal strength to keep the sail in balance. 

Item N°/Article 1.5: 13KJ15
Item N°/Article 2.0: 13KJ2
Item N°/Article 2.5: 13KJ25
Item N°/Article 3.0: 13KJ3
Item N°/Article 3.5: 13KJ35



Sail size




The Kidjoy MKIII is built with a full X-ply window and dacron body from size 1,5 to 3.0 in order to have a lightweight but strong long lasting sail. The 3,5 is built in the same way, but with the addition of a PVC window to maximize the visibility. The sail line uses a color code scheme so that will be easy to spot what sizes are on the water for a school teacher. The 1,5 is white, the 2,0 Yellow, the 2,5 light blue, the 3,0 green and the 3,5 is red.


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