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Pure Freestyle Performance

Freestyle Pro

The all new Style Pro is the ultimate freestylers weapon. Our team went back to basics and started from scratch to make sure that everything about this sail made freestyling easy. 4 battens, super light weight construction and a level of ducking control never seen before. Whatever your freestyle ability, the new Style Pro will allow you to push to the next level.



-Power luff zone.

-The secret to the Style Pro: allowing a mix of perfect control and huge amounts of pop. The Power Luff gives a power on/off switch.

-Cross panel construction.

-Full X-ply body gives heavy duty support along the main lines of tension in the sail.

-Performance based construction.

-Each panel specifically designed for performance. Lightweight mono film in the window with strong.

X-ply in the head areas gives optimum strength to weight performance.