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4 batten wave

Wave 4 battens

The Four Mk1 hit the water and was an instant favourite. The Mk2 is a significant enhancement to this. Small modifications to the outline and shape gives the Mk2 new levels of stability and wind range. Extended bottom end, whilst at the same time increased control, means more time sailing and less time rigging. The 4 battens and compact style of the sail make it incredibly responsive, whether its on the wave or in the air. Add to that improvements in construction to increase durability and you have a sail that can now dominate the conditions where ever you wish to sail. 



-Target window – 5mm high durability X-ply outer window gives a strong boundary around a high visibility monofilm centre window. Together with double stitched seams, this all gives the perfect combination of strength, visibility and performance.

-Cross panel construction- The striking full X-ply body gives heavy duty support along the main lines of tension through the sail.

-Performance based construction – Each panel specifically designed for performance. X-ply added to the top section of the sail in the Mk2 enhance durability, whilst the mono film window keeps the sail weight to a minimum and optimizes visibility.