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All Terrain

 The new Vision MKII is our all terrain kite. Since the first introduction of the kite in the market, it has been generating a growing interest from all type of riders in the largest variety of conditions and riding styles. Its simple, lightweight 3 struts design creates a very efficient, easy to use, fast and responsive, sportive engine in your hands. Compared to the first version Vision, the new MKII has been designed and trimmed with a slight more bar pressure to allow better handling of the added constant power we have achieved thanks to a new leading edge arc design. The Vision MKII keeps intact the speed turning factor, a constant unique feature of most of our kites. A new additional reinforced leading edge panels construction and a full Dacron trailing edge make the kite more durable and stronger. Finally the Vision MKII is here to simplify your kiteboarding equipment choice. One kite, any given conditions. Take it freeriding, freestyling, boosting some major air or waveriding in perfect side-shore conditions and you will simply love this kite.


Sail Size




The 3 struts design of the VISION allow the simple body structure, helped by a relatively closed design of the leading edge, to perfectly position itself in the window area, never too far forward nor back, juts right, where it needs to be to let you feel safe and in control. Medium/light bar pressure with very easy maneuverability, the Vision kite can be easily powered up not only by its static ground power but also by its maneuverability. By swinging the kite top to bottom in a quick way, the power you are able to generate is remarkable, yet smooth and easy to control. The kite body is lightweight and the bridle is short and never gets tangled around. 


-LE Parallel seams for maximum strenght and lower stretching

-Full Dacron wingtips

-Metallic PU strut end reinforcements

-DP 175 LL Dacron

-Tejin T9600 Canopy