Captains Courageous

«The father, well used to judging men, looked at him keenly. He… caught himself thinking that he knew very little whatever of his son; but he distinctly remembered an unsatisfied, dough-faced youth who took delight in ‘calling down the old man’ and reducing his mother to tears… But this well set-up fisher-youth did not wriggle, looked at him with eyes steady, clear, and unflinching, and spoke in a tone distinctly, even startlingly, respectful. There was that in his voice, too, which seemed to promise that the change might be permanent, and that the new Harvey had come to stay.»

First published in 1897, the novel tells the story of Harvey Cheney, young son of an American Railway tycoon. Washed overboard from a luxury ocean liner, the boy is rescued and adopted by the crew of a schooner on North Atlantic Banks. After a fishing season on board, learning a lot about discipline and sea life, he eventually returns to his family, totally transformed and grown up.

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling (1865 -1936) was an English writer, especially known for his poems celebrating British imperialism and his novels and tales for children. Born in Bombay, he several times returned to India, where he spent seven years, after 1882, working as a journalist. In 1890s he produced his best known works as a novelist, with The Jungle Book (1894), The Second Jungle Book (1895), Captains Courageous (1897) and Kim (1901). In 1907 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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