The smell of neoprene inside a carton box. This is what I still clearly remember of that day, must have been sometime in 1978, when I received by mail order, my first freediving wetsuit, tailor made by a company called “PESCA SUB” based in Genova, Italy. I was 14 years old. Since that day, my second skin has always been neoprene. I love that smell, and I love the idea of going in the water without feeling you have a second skin on. This is why I have decided to present to you the first RRD wetsuits collection.

Enjoy real warmth and flex!
Roberto Ricci

The new 2014 summer collection brings in a whole new range of bright colours combined with a superior fit, flex and durability. Wether you are buying a full PRO wetsuits for your endless summer session, or a shorty for your kids’ warm water discoveries, the new RRD summer wetsuits 2014 are designed and built to secure an innovative style with an unbeatable performance level.

Summer wetsuits 2014

Celsius Pro summer 4/3 3/2

Celsius Overknees summer 3/2

Celsius Shorty summer 3/2

Celsius Vest summer 2/1

Grado summer 5/3 4/3 3/2

Grado Short sleeve summer 3/2

Grado Overknees summer 3/2

Grado Shorty summer 3/2

Amazone summer 5/3 4/3 3/2

Amazone Overknees summer 3/2

Amazone Shorty summer 3/2

Amazone Body short summer 2/1

Amazone Vest summer 2/1

SeventySix Overknees 3/2

Seventysix Short Leg 3/2

Winter Wetsuits 2013/14

Fahrenheit Front zip 6/5/4 5/3

Man's Front zip

Celsius Pro Chest zip 4/3 3/2

Men's Chest zip

Celsius Chest zip 5/3 4/3

Men's Chest zip

Celsius Back zip 5/3 4/3

Men's Back zip

Grado Back zip 5/3 4/3

Men's Back zip

Grado Back zip Short Sleeve 3/2

Men's Back zip

Grado Back zip Overknees 3/2

Men's Back zip

Zero Back zip 5/3 4/3 3/2

Men's Back zip

Zero Back zip Overknees 4/3 3/2

Men's Back zip

Amazone Chest zip 5/3 4/3

Women's Chest zip

Amazone Back zip 5/3 4/3

Women's Back zip

Zero Women Back zip 5/3 4/3 3/2

Women's Back zip

Zero Women Back zip Overknees 3/2

Women's Back zip