Slide and kick


A totally new board program that allows riding over obstacles, sliders and kickers. The board features a very flat rocker with super deep channels on the tips, and can be used both with fins or without. The Park comes into two different sizes and can be ridden also as a real light wind freestyle board thanks to the superflat rocker line that allows to plane earlier and stay upwind. An innovative program for new school riders. 

Size (cms) 135x40
Fin 4 x FLOW 5 G-10
Straps Screwit System V2 + Assy Strap V2

Size (cms):


The PARK comes for a new innovative program. Developed to ride over obstacles, sliders and kickers, with straps or bindings. It’s also a very good freestyle board with a flat rocker line to stay upwind and plane earlier.


Full Laminar woodcore + Biaxial glass/TPU deck UVR bottom sheet + ABS sidewalls