Natural progression

Freestyle Pro

As the level of freestyle performance is redefining the word “windsurfing”, our R&D custom factory as committed to redesigning two new progressive shapes that would represent this change. Modern, compact, lightweight, easy to plane and to be jumped out of the water with an eyeblink, the new TwinTips V2 are simply a new tool to express your desire to write a new page in freestyling.

Volume 90Lts
Size (cms) 230x60
Fin FS 18 MFC Prepreg POWER
R•S•S 4.0/5.4
Weight +/- 6% 6.28 kg tbc


Early planing, great top speed and great pop as well. Doesn't matter if extremely choppy or perfectly flat, this board is always at its ease and ready to perform at its best.


Shorter outlines on both boards compared to the previous versions, the 90 features a much narrower width compared to 88 lts V1. This reduced lengths allows the boards to be easier to be jumped our of the water and to be thrown around for double manouvers. Much thicker in the tail, the new twintips V2 are easier to plane and reach top speeds, an essential key point for new school manouvers. The new deck shape with highly recessed area allows a better grip and control of the board while riding on choppy water.


Custom Made Herex 100 sandwich to and bottom with Carbon Kevlar® deck custom made lamination.