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4 shapes for all you can do

Freestyle Wave Pro

As the trend of wave boards shapes keeps going towards multifin hulls, we have preferred to retain a “classic”, reliable and fast planing single fin board line that would be suited for those who wish for a “do it all” type of short board. The new Freestyle Wave boards, Version 3, are four new simple, refined, retuned shapes that will cover the whole range of use of this program.

The outlines of the boards have been re-designed and adapted to the new rocker line.
The boards are now slightly longer (on average 2 cms) than the previous incarnations, the V2s and slightly narrower, starting from a 59 cms wide outline on the new 88 lts all the way up to a 64,5 cms wide board on the 106 lts, so between 0,5 on the smallest board and 3,5 cms on the biggest one. This difference in width has created a more alive, crisp feeling of the performance while riding and further more enhanced the control in stronger winds.


106 lts

Size (cms)

237×64,5 cm






7,3 kg +/-5%

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The Rocker is now a little more kicked up in the very last 40 cms from the nose, to allow a small amount more volume displacement towards the nose and thereby create a better balanced feeling in the boards floatation.

The Rocker in the mid/rear section is the same as the previous V2 version. Straight and fast. The Volume displacement has now changed with less volume on the tail and more volume on the nose, to create an amazingly well balanced board which ensures more accurate trim on the water both in planing and non-planing conditions. The simple slight double concave/ V rail to rail configuration of the hull allows a perfect flow and balance over the roughest waters in any conditions.


WOOD: Mid density EPS /48 Kgs SLX foam and wood veneer full deck and bottom sandwich. Custom clear wood layup on deck, polished rails and custom unfinished matt bottom.