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Energized Performance

Freestyle PRO Twinzer

A new addition to an already explosive line of pure freestyle boards. The twin fin set up allows these freestyle boards to be even looser and improve the potential for multiple executions of manouvers.



Size (cms)



2 x Twin Pro-FS 14 MFC

Fin Box





+/- 6% 6.5 kg


Early planing, great top speed and great pop as well.The compact outline makes it easier to score the most radical tricks. Doesn't matter if  it's extremely choppy or perfectly flat, this board is always at its ease and ready to perform at its best.


We introduced a new hull design that has slightly more V throughout the all length, and little bit flatter rocker in the back, in order to increase the planing capacity. At the same time we have changed also the outline, which is slightly narrower in the tail as well as in the front, to have a more compact board with basically more volume in the tail and the nose area. We now have more middle point flatness in the deck to achieve better floatation and better volume distribution, since especially for double manouvers the board needs to pivot around the mast track area. The deck also features a new deep recess from the front foot towards the back foot, which allows the front foot to be little more in an angle so can press a little bit better on the rail of the board. TwinTip boards will feature US box in all the sizes, since we have felt that is very important for high performance racers to be able to move the fin back of forward in order to improve the planing capacity or to improve the grip and slow down the planing capacity, so the US box is the only systems that allows to do that properly.


Custom Made Herex 100 sandwich to and bottom with Carbon Kevlar® deck custom made lamination.