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The Twin Tip V4 is RRD’s pure blooded long running and highly popular Freestyle Board line.
This year the TT is considerably wider in the mid rear section of the board and slightly narrower in the mid front section to allow a more parallel line flow: the new outline enables the board to have more leverage in this area in order to enhance the pop, and also have more surface area for easier landings. The more parallel lines of the outline also further improve the speed of the board and its upwind capacity, as we have found already in our Wave Cult Quads.

The deck shape has also been revised: the maximum thickness of the board runs evenly at the very same height from 40 to 130 cms from the tail forward: this creates a very even floatation that increases the stability of the board.

The rail on the rear foostrap area is now much lower, creating a very “domed” tail shape, this improves comfort and the possibility to push harder with your rear foot onto the board and create even more pop.
Going towards the mid–front section of the deck the rails are now much fuller and this creates a very flat deck shape to increase volume and allow even more stability.

The Rocker line is essentially the same as the previous version, except that we have taken out the small kick we previously had and this keeps the whole tail area of the rocker line completely flat, and therefore the TT V4 is even quicker to plane.

The very end of the tail features the re-introduction the so called “spock tail shape,” that helps while switching stance, and also enables a more central position of the body during landing, and also prevents the board from sinking on its tail.

As the new school style keeps progressing we want to make sure that our shapes follow the latest trends and deliver pure performance support to serious freestyle riders!

“Anything is possible” with the New RRD Twin Tip V4s.

Size (cms)

230 x 59,5 cms


3 x DA KINE PRIMO straps


MFC GT carbon moulded 20 (PB)

Fin Box



3,3 -5,2


6,3 Kgs  +/-5%

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