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Light wind slalom

This is the new X-Fire LIGHT WIND LTD. A new great light wind machine that will make every day the perfect day to go fast on the water. Finally a real light wind “killer” that proves that windsurfing is fantastic starting with 8 knots. Specifically designed to be used with big sail sizes from 8.0 square meters and up, the X-Fire Light Wind LTD takes inspiration from our racing machines used by Antoine Albeau in the PWA world tour and goes one step further in using the physics of light wind weather and pushing the boundaries of efficiency in this very special conditions.

The board is 236 x 91 cms of width, with a a very wide tail area designed with a Toro tail profile, to help the planing capacity but also keeping into account the importance of getting the board as free as possible and out of the water once going. Reaching great top end speeds with such lite air has never been easier, also thanks to the big cutouts in the tail area that help releasing the wide tail from the water, making the board rolling onto one side and keeping the low nose profile high enough but perfectly trimmed so that it never flies out. Once the board is up and going it is so simple to go fast an keep the whole system in control. Also jibing this big monster is quite easy thanks to the Toro Tail, and it’s going to be interesting to learn never loose the plane with such light wind.



Size (cms)

236×91 cm


No fin delivered



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We found that this release point on the ‘outside flats’ just in front of the cut-outs is very sensitive with big differences achieved from small modifications during the development process. This is the ultimate key to how the slalom board:
• Trims
• Accelerates
• Gybes
Through meticulous testing methods performed over a wide variety of conditions with our new ‘Contact Patch’, we found a massive increase in overall performance with the following points being achieved:
• Increased top end speed especially in flatter water
• Clear acceleration boost especially in the gusts
• Easier to plant the rail harder into a racing gybe
• More comfortable ride over the chop, the new design ‘eats’ the waves
• The ability to use smaller fins = less drag
• Less back-leg pressure especially when going more downwind


EPS / Full PVC 3 mm top and bottom/Biaxial carbon 100 grams on deck/80 Grams UD 80 on bottom / Custom made technology.