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Slalom / Race

Incredible effort and dedication in the development process was the theme behind our all new X-Fire range. Five completely new designs with a different concept has yielded the best slalom boards to ever come from the RRD think tank.

Shaper Aurelio Verdi and testing partner Arnon Dagan tested many different concepts with a rigorous R&D program trying to find the smallest details to improve on the back-to-back PWA world title winning boards under the feet of Antoine Albeau. Our design mandate was to keep our renowned market reference acceleration and top-speed whilst increasing the ease of use and range. Success!

Our all new 90, 98, 114, 122 and 129 have the perfect blend between ultimate speed and control coupled with an exceptionally smooth gybing turning radius around the marks. Constant analysis of the scoop lines and vee numbers revealed some clear improvements on an already great V6 series.
The final results were clear: The V7 is on another level. One cannot go wrong with the V7 X-Fire. It is THE board to have in 2015.


114 Lts

Size (cms)

235 x 70


No fin delivered




6,39 Kg +/-5%

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V7 design characteristics:
• All new outline with the wide point further back for earlier planing and control
• Increased curve in the outline to assist gybing and acceleration
• Reduced nose width to reduce drag and ‘windage’ at full speed
• Refined scoop rocker lines for a smoother ride
• Refined rail shapes for increased foot comfort
• All new flat vee release shape at the exit of the cut-outs for better handling
• Continuation of our now industry standard ‘TT Tail’ double outline concept for increased control
• Continuation of our ‘Contact Patch Technology’ curved release outline system under the TT Tail for increased acceleration

V7 sailing characteristics:
• Easier to ride especially over-powered
• Lower on the water but still ‘free’
• Gybes better
• Earlier planing and increased low-end
• Increased acceleration
• Increased top-end speed
• More usable ‘high-performance range’