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We are now releasing the tenth version of our pure blooded freestyle kite. This iconic kite has reached a major milestone so we decided to do something BIG! The tenth edition of the Obsession blends the previous Obsession and Obsession Pro into one freestyle machine. This means that we made this kite work perfectly with either four or five lines! The Obsession MK10 will now provide for all who want to jump huge, loop like a boss or want to unhook till their arms fall off.

No compromises were made on the shape and characteristics that distinguish this true freestyle machine. Nor did we leave anything to chance while putting the entire structure of the kite under intense scrutiny. The Obsession MK10 is a pure, fine tuned, C-shaped kite, designed to be precise, powerful, or very neutral when needed.

The shape of the kite is similar to the previous Obsession Pro MK3. We did however adjust the struts position and angle to help the kite rotate better on the surface of the water, which increases relaunch. But the most exciting and notable change to the new MK10 is that we made this kite work perfectly with either four or five lines!

For those who want a pure freestyle 5-line kite but prefer the benefits of a 4-line, this kite will surely exceed your expectations. In this setting, the kite turns faster, increases the depower range, provides more lift, more hang time, and is easier to relaunch.

The 4 line MK10, is ideal for those who decide to dedicate themselves to the freestyle discipline without having to fully commit to a 5-line set up for the hardcore unhooked freestyle or wakestyle disciplines.

Do you want to take your riding to the next level, see your name on top of the leaderboards, be the local hero, demolish personal records, constantly chasing progression, or maybe all of the above? Then you’re ready to step up your game and find your new Obsession…MK10!



Standard features

  • Internal and external extra reinforcements on every leading edge panel, to secure a long lasting stitching and a rigid connection.
  • Radial Canopy reinforcements around the trailing edge of the kite, are positioned in a way that intersects the Techno Force Double Ripstop. This not only increases strength and durability on sensitive areas but also compliments the torsion placed on the kite, thus improving the overall flying characteristics.
  • Bridle anti tangle device, which is a small batten that connects from the trailing edge to the leading edge that prevents the bridles from wrapping around the wingtip during launching or water relaunching. It also allows for storage of the bridles when packing the equipment after a session.

New features

  • C shaped leading edge design with the choice between a 4 or 5 line set-up! It comes out of the bag with a 4line bridle set-up, which is easily converted to a 5 line set-up. (Comes standard with the kite as well, you just need a 5 line bar then.)
  • Redesigned Quick Airflow Valve: A singular point, one way, air flow valve, inflation and deflation system with a special moulded protection cap.This new valve has a smaller diameter and pliable base that allows the perfect leading edge shape and adds to the lifespan of the kite.
  • Additional strut reinforcements: all struts are reinforced with Kevlar stitched to the ends which reduce abrasion and the new design also prevents sand from getting into the kite. The middle strut includes Kevlar and an additional layer of Dacron because it suffers the most on impacts.
  • Multi Point line settings: multiple points of connection provide a multitude of adjustments to the flying characteristics of the kite such as depower, bar pressure, turning speed, and turning radius. These changes affect jumping, kite loops, slack, drift, and water relaunch.
  • New strut positioning and strut angle for an even better relaunch.
  • Techno Force™ Double Ripstop which is a high density fabric with a tear stopping structure that is constructed with a high tensioning double polyester yarn. This material does not only add to the strength and longevity of our kites, but it also improves the stability and the flying characteristics without adding weight.

Range of use

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*WIND RANGE in Knots for a kiter of 75 Kgs of weight
520 / 3723OB5K
618 / 3223OB6K
717 / 3023OB7K
916 / 2823OB9K
10.514 / 2423OB105K
1212/ 2223OB12K
13.510 / 1823OB135K
159 / 1623OB15K


The Obsession MK10 will come out of the bag with the 4-line configuration. The 4-line Global bar attaches to a short bridle with no pulleys. The 4-line configuration provides a stepping stone into the next chapter of the full-on unhooked freestyle discipline by having a kite that is capable of stellar loops and loads of pull to create huge pop for extreme, fully powered manouvers.

Jerrie Van Der Kop about the Obsession MK10 kite:

“I am so stoked that the Obsession MK10 is here! By competing on the Red Bull King of the Air in 40+ conditions, equipment is really important. The new Obsession is a special kite because of its stability. By tuning the design of the tips a bit comparing to last year the high end of the kite went even higher! Which means bigger and higher jumps! Beside the stability, the kite is also really smooth with an aggressive pop which is perfect for your freestyle and wakestyle moves.

The Obsession MK10 also comes with a bridle set up. To make this hardcore 5th line C kite a bit more friendly for you. By taking of the 5th line and adding a little bridle, the Obsession MK10 has also a 4line bridle setup. Which I like for easy riding, boosting jumps or even some foiling…

The Obsession MK10 comes with several tuning options for more or less bar pressure. You can also adjust the turning speed for faster and slower turning. On the 5th line setup I use the middle setting on the powerlines and the fastest setting on the back lines. For me the kite feels really smooth in this setting and I feel perfectly where my kite is in the wind window.”


In the 5th line configuration, the kite will be more powerful and it provides a ton slack! When using the kite fully powered up, you can easily unhook and get a very neutral feel throughout the trick while the kite remains in the correct position. The turning speed is the same as previous model: the Obsession Pro MK3; stable when unhooked but fast enough to kiteloop confidently. A very precise and predictable behavior in the air is coupled with a fast turning speed delivered by the super squared tip design. You’ll always know where the kite is without the need for extremely high bar pressure. This is the high performance, high aspect, freestyle kite designed, developed, and tested by our elite team of professionals that grind, loop, fly, and power their way through each session!

Julien Leleu about the Obsession MK10 Kite:

What I love about the Obsession MK10 is that we as pro-riders can ride it as a 5- line kite and get the full freestyle and wakestyle performance out of it, but at the same time I can let riders during my coaching clinics or my dad for example use it for doing some big airs, work on their freestyle progression and slash a couple of waves down the line and they would ride it on the 4 line set-up which takes just a couple of minutes to switch around, this way we get best of both worlds, which is amazing.

Next to that I just feel super confident on this kite, I ride it a lot in 4 line set-up myself as well. I broke my knee in the past while doing a megaloop, but with this kite I am back in throwing big loops again, cause I trust it and know it will always come up after the loop.

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