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For wakestylers and freestylers that want to megaloop like Jerrie vd Kop, throw doubles like Alex Neto, land explosive tricks like Julien Leleu or grind like Chris Bobryk: hereby we present you the Juice V4.

You’ll love the Juice V4 if you want an explosive freestyle board that will shred flat water, eat-up chop, and withstand regular abuse from, sliders, kickers, and rails or when used as a cross-over for cable parks.

The Juice V4 is the paradigm of RRD’s non-stop research and development, and with a philosophy of constantly pushing the envelope, we have redesigned and integrated even more upgrades and high-tech features to make the favorite board of our international wake- and freestyle team even better.

New Features

  • New lamination technology that results in less negative flex and a more rigid bottom combined with slightly more flex from the top. This results in a perfect weapon of choice for your wake style tricks through a more explosive pop, increased speed control and reduced vibration.
  • Torsion box; more strength and reduced torsion. The unidirectional carbon reinforcements layers makes the board stronger and stiffer which allows you to pop like a boss as well as providing you more stability and control on landings.
  • Upgraded Slick Base for sliding and grinding obstacles or using it as a great cross-over board to the cable park.
  • An increased curve on the rockerline that gives you a smoother landing and better performance on choppy water.
  • Different size breakdown, to cater for every size of rider.
  • Reinforced symmetrical inserts, instead of asymmetrical rails, for simple boots adjustments combined with 30% more pull strength and 10% weight reduction.
  • More rounded tips for maximum control on choppy water.

Standard Features

  • Constant outline shape, this gives you a more rounded pop and smoother curves.
  • Hull channels on nose, tips, and mid outline, that propels water across the board and gives it incredible speed, grip, and tracking capabilities.
  • HD biaxial fibers lay-up.
Juice V4 41

Juice V4 42

Juice V4 43

Range of use



4 x FLOW 3 G-10


138×41 CM

140×42 CM

143×43 CM


JUICE 41 V4138 x 41 CM4 x FLOW 3 G-1022JU41
JUICE 42 V4140 x 42 CM4 x FLOW 3 G-1022JU42
JUICE 43 V4143 x 43 CM4 x FLOW 3 G-1022JU43
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